I’m Creating Again

Because I haven’t really written much about myself on this blog, I’ll tell you one thing about myself. I enjoy art. Drawing, painting, colouring, using pastels – anything really. Art was my favourite subject in school and I used to create a new piece of artwork every day when I got home. Art Attack was my favourite show on TV and I would always try to recreate whatever that guy on the show had made that day. I let art go when I reached high school because life got in the way and I was way too focused on my studies. But fortunately for me, I’ve graduated high school and I’ve got time on my hands. So, I’ve been getting back into it. I still need to brush up on my art skills but at least I’m creating again!

Medium used: soft pastels & a black biro

“Creativity is contagious. Pass it on.”
Albert Einstein
[In response to the Daily Prompt: painting]
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