The Magic Behind Photographs

Photographs are magical. They have the ability to transport you back in time. To a specific day where something specific happened – good or bad. They hold memories that you can relive whenever. All it takes is one look…


When I was younger and my littlest brother ceased to exist, my family would always make it a point to come to Scarborough Beach during our annual one-week holiday back in Perth. I remember ignoring the beach completely and running straight for this gigantic playground they had there instead. Going back there this year, I can tell you that this playground was definitely not gigantic in the slightest, which just goes to show that I’m growing up way too fast and that’s not okay. I actually made it to the beach this time though and it was just incredible. This photo I took speaks for itself. Picturesque. It never fails to remind me of my childhood days.


Bangkok was where my best friend and I had reunited after two years of being apart! It was really, really, really sad that we only got to spend five days with each other, but it’s crazy to look back at how many memories we made during such a short period of time. I guess that’s what best friends are for. Every time I pick up this photo, all of those memories come rushing back as if they happened only yesterday: karaoke sessions at the top of the ferris wheel, melted ice cream at the park, getting sick at the carnival, makeup tutorials, taking horrible polaroids – and regretfully – rejecting popcorn from a cute guy at the movies! I’m never going to find love.. *cue sad music*

Photos taken at Scarborough Beach, Perth and in Bangkok, Thailand
[In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge: half and half & magic]

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