Just a Thought

Social anxiety is a buzzkill. It’s a buzzkill that attacks at any moment of the day for whatever reason possible. Method of attack? The little voices in my head. I could be walking down the street with a coffee in my hand paired with the biggest smile on my face and they would still manage to come up with the longest list of things for me to be worried about – a list I wouldn’t have possibly thought of on my own, so thanks for that. I would hear things like…

“They’re looking at you; they’re laughing at you.”

“They don’t really want to be around you – they’re just trying to be nice.”

“You don’t matter.”

Usually I wouldn’t ever question those voices. I would just accept the fact that maybe something really was wrong with me. But from time to time, thankfully, the good voices would make an appearance in my head and they’d tell me…


Maybe they aren’t laughing at you.

Maybe they really do want to get to know you.

And you definitely matter.

Just a thought.”

“Monsters don’t sleep under your bed. They live in your head.”
[In response to the Daily Prompt: maybe]

[Featured image taken from Pinterest]


2 thoughts on “Just a Thought

  1. Such a great post! That’s what anxiety does, it follows you like a lingering shadow and just when you think it’s gone, it taps you on the shoulder and reminds you of it’s presence. (sorry if already commented sometimes when I try to post it cuts me off)


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